Shauna Mears

Eighteen years ago I found myself searching for a new career. I wasn’t sure of what path to pursue. A friend, who was a licensed cosmetologist decided to train as a nail tech. I decided to train as well. We were fortunate to train and get licensed before nail technician hours were required. While I was working in the salon as a nail tech, I watched the stylists’ in the salon and knew I wanted to get my license as a cosmetologist. . I was raising two young daughters and I was extremely fortunate to have great parents that inspired me to do well and helped out with the children.

I immediately fell in love with the hair industry and knew this was my passion. This was the career I had been waiting for. I worked at a salon for almost a year after attending cosmetology school at Staunton School of Cosmetology. After working at the salon, I was invited to go back to the Staunton School of Cosmetology to teach. Teaching was one of the biggest turning points in my life because it taught me how to manage and teach others with professionalism. I taught for two years at the school, and then moved to the island of Chincoteague with my husband, Bill, and my two daughters, Brittany and Brianna.

Chincoteague is an island on the eastern shore of Virginia with small population. It was there that I learned how to build and maintain a steady clientele. By word of mouth and getting out in the community to advertise my new coming, I was able to successfully acquire a large clientele. My family and I lived on the island for four years and then decided to move to Lexington, Va. First in Lexington, I worked at Merle Norman where I established a steady clientele and met a lot of wonderful people. Before I could start my own salon, I needed to get my daughters to an age that I felt they would be more independent. I moved on from Merle Norman to a salon where I worked for five years. My clientele continued to grow and I had a great rapport with most all of them. My oldest daughter graduated from college and the youngest from high school and I knew it was time to continue towards the goals I had set for myself. It was time to own my own salon.


On December 3, 2007 I opened my own salon. “The Salon of Lexington“. I wanted to bring this salon together not only for myself, but for new students getting out of cosmetology school that needed a place to work, build a clientele and feel comfortable working and learning. We have eight chairs that are all filled with wonderful girls that have graduated from Staunton School of Cosmetology. I felt like it was very important for new graduates to have a place to call home. I strive to make the salon a place where the can grow professionally as well as emotionally. The salon is a great place to enter into every morning and I wouldn’t change one thing about the whole cosmetology industry. I love it and feel very fortunate to be a part of it.