Mary Jo Myers

There’s nothing special about my background other than I worked hard, and I dreamt big. Anyone could duplicate this formula to success

Embrace teamwork, have a vision, surround yourself with great people and have a little bit of luck. And maybe it helps to grow up poor. My parents always made sure all our needs were met, teaching us to go out and work for the luxuries. They taught me that if you wanted something you could have it if you were willing to sacrifice and work very hard. We were encouraged to find odd jobs, to keep our grades up in school and take responsibility for our actions.

I’ve done everything from babysitting, bar-tending, fast food drive through and working on a chicken farm to telemarketing, you name it, to get ahead. I saw people living different lives, lives that I thought would be fun and more comfortable but I was willing to work very hard to get to where I wanted to be. I always wanted to be a hairstylist since I was 4 years old starting with the sewing scissors incident as it became known. A few hours later my little sister and all the stuffed animals and dolls had “new Haircuts”, l0ls!
Ultimately, that meant attending a great beauty school, “Staunton School of Cosmetology”, and numerous advanced classes at “Vidal Sassoon”, “Toni & Guy”, “Pivot Point”, “Graham Webb” and most recently training at “Devachan” in N.Y.C. with curly hair expert and bestselling author of “Curly Girl” Lorraine Massey. I have to say the Staunton School of Cosmetology gave me a great foundation to build on and I’ll never forget it. My favorite teacher, Linda Ingram, now runs the school and looks to be keeping up with the current trend which is great for anyone headed into the beauty industry.

Imago A Salon For Hair began in Richmond, near Cary Town, in September of 1999. We moved four blocks closer to the city to purchase a circa 1905 old house in the fan area to renovate into a salon. I bought Imago from my partner in 2007. We grew slowly at first, and because our foundation was so solid, we were able to continue our growth. I had to focus first on helping my stylists be successful and the salon to be profitable. They have to be successful and profitable if you want to build a successful company. I now have four stylists besides me and our focus is on curly hair. All of my staff are encouraged and have money that’s set aside for advanced education every year. I also advertise and send out an e-letter with daily last minute openings and other updates on new services or happenings at the salon or in the area, as well as promotions.

Mary Jo Myers
S.S.O.C. graduate, July 1988
2602 W. Main St, Richmond, Va. 23220