Cindy Hall

I graduated from Staunton School of Cosmetology in 1979. As I look back on 30 years in this industry, I am so thankful for my career. I feel like it is a rare thing to still be so passionate about my work, even more so than when I started. I remember my first job in downtown Staunton. It was slow of course, but I had fun learning. I have always continued with my education and appreciate every client that sits in my chair. I love bringing out the beauty in people and to have the opportunity to encourage others. My business has grown from having a salon in my home to operating salons in the Staunton area for 16 years. I now own “Shampoo” located in the Wharf Area of downtown Staunton and have always enjoyed great success in my salons that have provided for me and my family. I never stop dreaming about new opportunities for my career and feel I am extremely blessed to love what I do and to have a vision for what is next in my business. In closing I always have to give God all the thanks for giving me a great gift and talent and love for this profession and for the people.